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                Welcome to Jiangsu Grand Xinyi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Website!
                About us

                Jiangsu Grand Xinyi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.(our company's predecessor is "Yancheng Xinyi Pharm & Chem Co., ltd") is situated in the Yanhai Chemical Industrial Park of Yancheng city. Occupying a land area of 26,000 square meters, it is a specialized hormones pharmaceutical chemical enterprise which integrates the scientific research, the development and the production.

                The factory owns well-qualified technicians in different fields. With powerful technical strength, the factory has cooperated with many colleges and universities. It is a manufacturing factory specialized in producing various kinds of hormone with certain scale. Main products include Medroxyprogesterone acetate, Progesterone, Megestrol acetate,Exemestane, Estrone,Estradiol...such APIs and 17a-hydroxyprogesterone,Finasteride intermediates such intermediates.

                Taking person as basis, the company pays attention to environmental protection and waste disposal. On the basis of opening hormone products,the factory has rapidly developed. We believe Xinyi's future will be bright and brilliant.

                No pains, no gains. The factory's achievements were affirmed by most customers. The factory always insisting on the priority of customers, service and quality. Products are sold to America, Europe and India etc.. It has also established long-term cooperative relationships with many foreign businessmen.
                We do the inner management on completeness, fineness and sincerity. We would like to cooperate with new and existing clients at home and abroad to promote mutual development and prosperity.

                Jiangsu Grand Xinyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd welcomes friends in different lines to visit us to give instructions for mutual development!

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                Adress:Coastal Chemical Zone,Binhai County, Jiangsu Province,China
                Tel:+86-515-84383317 Fax:+86-515-84383393 E-mail:xypharm@xypharm.com
                General Manager:Yuan Zhenxing PHONE: 139 9599 8167 MAIL: yzhx2002@163.com
                Liu Feng PHONE: 177 2395 2475 MAIL: 17723952475@163.com
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